It’s not about winning or losing.
It’s about passion.

Winning isn’t everything,
but wanting it is.

Live, Chess, Scrabble, Sport Tournament Manager with focus on simplicity

Live, Chess, Scrabble, Sport Tournament Manager

40 000+
organisers and players
20 000+
organised tournaments
300 000+
paired games

We make life easier for

Organisations & clubs

So they can manage player base and organise engaging tournaments and leagues

Tournament organisers

So they can save time on management of players, pairings and results


So they can track their progress and compare with their peers

Register organisation or club

1. Register your organisation

It takes less then 1 minute to register organisation and manage everything at one place. It’s intuitive, quick and simple.

2. Register players

Fill basic info about players and their ratings.

3. Organize tournaments

Organize and track all tournaments within organisation at one place.

4. Manage players ratings

SWIPS can automatically recalculate players' ratings based on their performance.

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Register organisation

Organize and manage tournament at one place

1. Create tournament

Create your tournament with any pairing system (Swiss system, Round-robin, ..) and any tiebreak criteria (Buchholz, progress, ...) Share your tournament and let people know about it.

2. Manage players

Invite players by email or add them manually. All players are added to your fully manageable starting list. Add players or remove them any time during the tournament.

3. Pair players

Standard and justice pairing systems. You can manually edit pairings for ultimate control over your tournament.

4. Finish tournament and evaluate results

Easy real-time results for players and viewers. Share results with friends.

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Track your progress as a player

1. Register as a player

Beginner or expert, we will find perfect tournaments for you. If you have already attended tournaments you can have your results and ratings also from previous games.

2. Attend tournaments

Find and play in as many tournaments as you wish. You can see real-time results during the tournament.

3. Track your progress

Track and compare your progress with your friends or opponents.

4. Compare with peers

Look at the results from previous tournaments and compare your performance.

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We empower you to focus on the beautiful side of sport while making sure the technical process of managing tournaments and organisations is handled efficiently and conscientiously.

Tested in large and small tournaments alike

I love it. I run the chess club at our high school and thought it would be fun to run a casual in-house tournament. SWIPS is making it super easy.

Lucas Spriggs, Belleville West Chess Classic

So far it looks very good. The user interface is quite self-explanatory, easy to navigate.

Rafal Grzybowski, KMD Poland Chess Tournament

SWIPS worked fine, the interface is intuitive and very easy to use. We look forward to use your platform again.

Juan Carlos Cajas García, 1st BSC Chess Tournament

40 000+

organisers and players

20 000+

organised tournaments

300 000+

paired games

Simple yet powerful

Custom Ratings

Swiss Pairing, Round Robin, etc.

Editing Pairings

Advanced Tiebreaks

Adding or Removing Players During Tournament

Exports to PDF and CSV

Custom Categories

Players Invitations

SWIPS story

Before SWIPS was created, there was no tool, which would allow you to create and organise real-world tournament in one place. You had to use plenty of different tools for players registration, tournament managment or publishing results. Therefore we decided to create application to simplify organisation of tournaments. As part of our team are chess players, we started with this domain. Over time of few years we were participating in local tournaments and getting feedback from organisers and players. We have applied all these experience into our application. Nowadays is SWIPS real-world tournament management software for various sports and games.

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