Organisations / Clubs

Important aspect of organising multiple tournaments is a possibility to link all the tournaments together. Create the organisation, add your members, create the tournaments and automatically update players' ratings based on their performance and see theirs progress.
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Published on Nov 27, 2021 by Lubomir

Tie breaks

Tournaments are played according to different tournament systems. However, almost in every system happens, that some of the players have the same amount of points at the end of the tournaments
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Published on Apr 20, 2021 by Lubomir

Best chess players

The selection of the best chess players of all time is not entirely objective and it is not possible to compare players from different eras. For example, in football, there are still some controversies about whether Pelé, Maradona, Zidane or Messi was a better player. We have chosen 5 chessplayers who were (or are) dominant, original and incredibly powerful in chess.
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Published on Mar 20, 2021 by Peter

Curiosities in chess

The game of chess can be funny, sad, serious and joyful. There are stories told between chess players about how to score a draw from obviously lost the game. This situation happened several times in the history of chess. An older man with the white chess pieces is losing and he is in clear disadvantage; the clock is ticking.
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Published on Jul 15, 2020 by Lubomir

Most famous chess tournaments

Chess tournaments are played around the world. For example, the first official tournament took place in London in 1851, other major tournaments are played in Baden Baden, in Paris or New York. We will introduce you to other famous tournaments that formed and still form a chess history.
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Published on Aug 15, 2020 by Peter

Organisation of chess tournament

The game of chess is quite undemanding. Organizing a chess tournament does not have to be too hard. The difficulty of organization depends on the type of tournament, the number of players, the size of tournament, etc.
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Published on Sep 15, 2020 by Lubomir

Swiss system in chess

The Swiss system has been used for a long time in chess and it is widespread in tournaments with more players (such as the Chess Olympics). It was first used in 1895 at the chess tournament in Switzerland, which is how it earned its name. It is a system of pairing opponents during the tournament with a clear goal - to get together opponents with the same number of points in each round, so the matches are balanced (theoretically).
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Published on Oct 15, 2020 by Peter