IX Remberto Fernandez 2016

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Basic information

IX Remberto Fernandez 2016


Not specified tempo
Classic - W:1.0, L:0.0, D:0.5, B:1.0





Other informations

IX Remberto Fernandez 2016


Date of round : 2016-05-19
Position Name Score
1. Musibay Blanco Raul 8.5
2. Gutierrez Espinosa Karen 8.0
3. Rosabales Gonzalez Luis Leonel 7.5
4. Vargas Rodriguez Wilver 7.0
5. Mantilla Gras Geydis De la C. 7.0
6. Gonzalez Arredondo Lazaro A. 6.0
7. Rodriguez Pena Mauricio 5.5
8. Arteaga Garcia Alejandro 4.5
9. Fundora Zamora Yoisel 4.0
10. Oliva Meneses Juan Carlos 4.0
11. Sifontes Guerra Wilber 3.5
12. Valido Barroso Melissa 3.0
13. Garcia Garcia Alejandro 3.0
14. Encinosa Gracia Carlos Alberto 2.5
15. Hernandez Leon Raudel 2.0
16. Amaro Alfonso Raynner 2.0
17. Perez Hernandez Pavel 2.0

IX Remberto Fernandez 2016


# ID White Pt Result Pt Black ID
Wilver V. R. (2259F) 6.0 1:0 4.0 Yoisel F. Z. (2228F)
Leonel R. G. L. (1991F) 7.0 0.5:0.5 6.5 C. M. G. G. D. L. (1899F)
A. G. A. L. (0) 5.5 0.5:0.5 4.0 Alejandro A. G. (1914F)
Carlos O. M. J. (2204F) 3.0 1:0 3.0 Alejandro G. G. (2162F)
# ID White Pt Result Pt Black ID
Mauricio R. P. (2050F) 5.5 0:1 7.5 Raul M. B. (2018F)
Alberto E. G. C. (1842F) 2.5 0F:1F 7.0 Karen G. E. (2075F)
Pavel P. H. (2007F) 1.5 0.5:0.5 3.0 Wilber S. G. (1922F)
Raudel H. L. (1893F) 1.0 1:0 3.0 Melissa V. B. (1865F)
Table White player Black player
. Vargas Rodriguez W. 1:0 Fundora Zamora Y.
. Rosabales Gonzalez L. 0.5:0.5 Mantilla Gras G.
. Gonzalez Arredondo L. 0.5:0.5 Arteaga Garcia A.
. Oliva Meneses J. 1:0 Garcia Garcia A.
. Rodriguez Pena M. 0:1 Musibay Blanco R.
. Encinosa Gracia C. 0F:1F Gutierrez Espinosa K.
. Perez Hernandez P. 0.5:0.5 Sifontes Guerra W.
. Hernandez Leon R. 1:0 Valido Barroso M.

IX Remberto Fernandez 2016

Starting list


Name Club Category Rating
Vargas Rodriguez Wilver 2259F
Fundora Zamora Yoisel 2228F
Oliva Meneses Juan Carlos 2204F
Garcia Garcia Alejandro 2162F
Amaro Alfonso Raynner 2131F
Gutierrez Espinosa Karen 2075F
Rodriguez Pena Mauricio 2050F
Musibay Blanco Raul 2018F
Perez Hernandez Pavel 2007F
Rosabales Gonzalez Luis Leonel 1991F
Sifontes Guerra Wilber 1922F
Arteaga Garcia Alejandro 1914F
Mantilla Gras Geydis De la C. 1899F
Hernandez Leon Raudel 1893F
Valido Barroso Melissa 1865F
Encinosa Gracia Carlos Alberto 1842F
Gonzalez Arredondo Lazaro A. 0

IX Remberto Fernandez 2016


IX Remberto Fernandez 2016

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IX Remberto Fernandez 2016


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