Mercenarios 186

Tournament Detail


Basic information

Mercenarios 186
Mexico D. F.


Round Robin
Not specified tempo
Classic - W:1.0, L:0.0, D:0.5, B:1.0





Other informations

Mercenarios 186


Date of round :
Position Name Score
1. Bringas Osuna Ivan Jarek 8.5
2. Culbeaux Tello Oscar Abraham 7.5
3. Baltazar Pineda Rafael 7.0
4. Moreyra Tinoco Maximo 6.5
5. Martin Del Campo C. Jorge 6.5
6. Gonzalez Salto Roberto de Jesus 5.5
7. Zarate Manjarrez Alfredo 5.5
8. German Montoya Gabriel 5.0
9. Campos Rosas Manuel Asis 4.0
10. Coronel Barron Omar Fausto 4.0
11. Villanueva Garciacano Manuel Ed 4.0
12. Gonzalez Arellano Julio Leonel 2.0

Mercenarios 186


# ID White Pt Result Pt Black ID
Jesus G. S. R. D. (2199F) 5.5 0:1 1.0 Leonel G. A. J. (2077F)
Alfredo Z. M. (2113F) 5.0 0.5:0.5 6.0 Maximo M. T. (2188F)
Gabriel G. M. (2114F) 4.5 0.5:0.5 6.0 Jorge M. D. C. C. (2210F)
# ID White Pt Result Pt Black ID
Fausto C. B. O. (2172F) 3.0 1:0 7.0 Rafael B. P. (2180F)
Asis C. R. M. (2039F) 4.0 0:1 7.5 Jarek B. O. I. (2119F)
Ed V. G. M. (2015F) 3.5 0.5:0.5 7.0 Abraham C. T. O. (2228F)
Table White player Black player
. Gonzalez Salto R. 0:1 Gonzalez Arellano J.
. Zarate Manjarrez A. 0.5:0.5 Moreyra Tinoco M.
. German Montoya G. 0.5:0.5 Martin Del Campo C. J.
. Coronel Barron O. 1:0 Baltazar Pineda R.
. Campos Rosas M. 0:1 Bringas Osuna I.
. Villanueva Garciacano M. 0.5:0.5 Culbeaux Tello O.

Mercenarios 186

Starting list


Name Club Category Rating
Culbeaux Tello Oscar Abraham 2228F
Martin Del Campo C. Jorge 2210F
Gonzalez Salto Roberto de Jesus 2199F
Moreyra Tinoco Maximo 2188F
Baltazar Pineda Rafael 2180F
Coronel Barron Omar Fausto 2172F
Bringas Osuna Ivan Jarek 2119F
German Montoya Gabriel 2114F
Zarate Manjarrez Alfredo 2113F
Gonzalez Arellano Julio Leonel 2077F
Campos Rosas Manuel Asis 2039F
Villanueva Garciacano Manuel Ed 2015F

Mercenarios 186


Mercenarios 186

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Mercenarios 186


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