Torneo Provincial de Hato Mayor

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Basic information

Torneo Provincial de Hato Mayor
Dominican Republic
Hato Mayor


Not specified tempo
Classic - W:1.0, L:0.0, D:0.5, B:1.0





Other informations

Torneo Provincial de Hato Mayor


Date of round : 2018-03-16
Position Name Score
1. Gil Lauriano Saury 5.0
2. Martinez Castillo Julio Antonio 5.0
3. Eusebio Perez Hector Eduardo 4.5
4. Zorrilla Jimenez Wilber Edwin 4.0
5. Palmero Sosa Cesar Shaomir 3.5
6. Monero Santana Pablo Rosendo 3.0
7. Villanueva Andres 3.0
8. Nunez Astacio Jose Miguel 3.0
9. Rondon Mota Abraham 2.0
10. Abreu Rosa Carlos Rafael 1.5
11. Del Rosario Reyes Esmeraldo 1.0
12. Castillo Pablo Hersong 0.5
13. Martinez Sanchez Willy 0.0

Torneo Provincial de Hato Mayor


# ID White Pt Result Pt Black ID
Antonio M. C. J. (2162F) 4.0 1:0 3.0 Miguel N. A. J. (1771F)
Eduardo E. P. H. (2094F) 3.5 1:0 4.0 Edwin Z. J. W. (2091F)
Shaomir P. S. C. (1780F) 3.0 0.5:0.5 2.5 Rosendo M. S. P. (0)
# ID White Pt Result Pt Black ID
Andres V. (0) 3.0 0:1 4.0 Saury G. L. (1952F)
Rafael A. R. C. (0) 1.0 0.5:0.5 0.0 Hersong C. P. (0)
Esmeraldo D. R. R. (0) 0.0 1:0 2.0 Abraham R. M. (1685F)
Table White player Black player
. Martinez Castillo J. 1:0 Nunez Astacio J.
. Eusebio Perez H. 1:0 Zorrilla Jimenez W.
. Palmero Sosa C. 0.5:0.5 Monero Santana P.
. Villanueva A. 0:1 Gil Lauriano S.
. Abreu Rosa C. 0.5:0.5 Castillo P.
. Del Rosario Reyes E. 1:0 Rondon Mota A.

Torneo Provincial de Hato Mayor

Starting list


Name Club Category Rating
Martinez Castillo Julio Antonio 2162F
Eusebio Perez Hector Eduardo 2094F
Zorrilla Jimenez Wilber Edwin 2091F
Gil Lauriano Saury 1952F
Palmero Sosa Cesar Shaomir 1780F
Nunez Astacio Jose Miguel 1771F
Rondon Mota Abraham 1685F
Abreu Rosa Carlos Rafael 0
Castillo Pablo Hersong 0
Del Rosario Reyes Esmeraldo 0
Martinez Sanchez Willy 0
Monero Santana Pablo Rosendo 0
Villanueva Andres 0

Torneo Provincial de Hato Mayor


Torneo Provincial de Hato Mayor

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Torneo Provincial de Hato Mayor


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