18th BCC Open Blitz Final

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Basic information

18th BCC Open Blitz Final


Round Robin
Not specified tempo
Classic - W:1.0, L:0.0, D:0.5, B:1.0





Other informations

18th BCC Open Blitz Final


Date of round : 2018-04-18
Position Name Score
1. Santiago Yago De Moura 12.5
2. Gareyev Timur 11.5
3. Neelotpal Das 10.5
4. Huang Renjie 9.0
5. Peng Xiongjian 9.0
6. Karthikeyan P. 9.0
7. Tran Tuan Minh 8.5
8. Tran Minh Thang 8.0
9. Wang Shixu B 8.0
10. Causo Deniel 7.0
11. Raja Rithvik R 7.0
12. Gukesh D 6.5
13. Lye Lik Zang 6.0
14. Du Chunhui 4.5
15. Duong Thuong Cong 3.0
16. Nouri Hamed 0.0

18th BCC Open Blitz Final


# ID White Pt Result Pt Black ID
Moura S. Y. D. (2476F) 12.5 0:1 8.0 Renjie H. (2326F)
Timur G. (2592F) 10.5 1:0 7.0 Deniel C. (2285F)
Xiongjian P. (2424F) 8.0 1:0 3.0 Cong D. T. (1984F)
P. K. (2481F) 8.0 1:0 8.5 Minh T. T. (2514F)
# ID White Pt Result Pt Black ID
Thang T. M. (2406F) 7.5 0.5:0.5 5.5 Zang L. L. (2183F)
B W. S. (2123F) 8.0 0:1 9.5 Das N. (2468F)
R R. R. (2280F) 6.5 0.5:0.5 6.0 D G. (2401F)
Chunhui D. (1942F) 3.5 1F:0F 0.0 Hamed N. (2349F)
Table White player Black player
. Santiago Y. 0:1 Huang R.
. Gareyev T. 1:0 Causo D.
. Peng X. 1:0 Duong T.
. Karthikeyan P. 1:0 Tran T.
. Tran M. 0.5:0.5 Lye L.
. Wang S. 0:1 Neelotpal D.
. Raja R. 0.5:0.5 Gukesh D.
. Du C. 1F:0F Nouri H.

18th BCC Open Blitz Final

Starting list


Name Club Category Rating
Gareyev Timur Kansas 2592F
Tran Tuan Minh 2514F
Karthikeyan P. 2481F
Santiago Yago De Moura 2476F
Neelotpal Das 2468F
Peng Xiongjian 2424F
Tran Minh Thang 2406F
Gukesh D 2401F
Nouri Hamed 2349F
Huang Renjie 2326F
Causo Deniel 2285F
Raja Rithvik R 2280F
Lye Lik Zang 2183F
Wang Shixu B 2123F
Duong Thuong Cong 1984F
Du Chunhui 1942F

18th BCC Open Blitz Final


18th BCC Open Blitz Final

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18th BCC Open Blitz Final


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