II Arturo Martinez in memoriam

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II Arturo Martinez in memoriam


Not specified tempo
Classic - W:1.0, L:0.0, D:0.5, B:1.0





Other informations

II Arturo Martinez in memoriam


Date of round : 2018-03-17
Position Name Score
1. Soto Hernandez Henry 8.0
2. Vega Chirino Lemay 7.5
3. Quesada Chow Ismael Adan 7.0
4. Gonzalez Ramos Eduardo 6.5
5. Garcia Benitez Omar 5.0
6. Ruiz Dominguez Genrry 5.0
7. Garcia Garcia Alejandro 5.0
8. Olano Rosabal Leonal 5.0
9. Leyva Lozada Marcos Antonio 4.5
10. Gomez Almeida Frank Luis 4.5
11. Sanchez Ones Yeny 4.0
12. Saavedra Gonzalez Hector 4.0
13. Gonzalez Acosta Leonardo 4.0
14. Diaz Gonzalez Antonio Giomar 3.5
15. Gil Hernandez Sebastian 3.0
16. Pla Hernandez Aniel 2.0
17. Olano Feria Leonal Isaac 2.0
18. Martinez Garcia Reinier 0.5

II Arturo Martinez in memoriam


# ID White Pt Result Pt Black ID
Henry S. H. (2466F) 7.0 1:0 5.0 Genrry R. D. (1902F)
Lemay V. C. (2298F) 6.5 1:0 4.5 Luis G. A. F. (1880F)
Eduardo G. R. (2188F) 5.5 1:0 4.0 Leonardo G. A. (1995F)
Leonal O. R. (2028F) 4.0 1:0 4.0 Hector S. G. (1987F)
Omar G. B. (1956F) 4.0 1:0 2.0 Aniel P. H. (1744F)
# ID White Pt Result Pt Black ID
Antonio L. L. M. (2014F) 4.5 0:1 6.0 Adan Q. C. I. (2246F)
Yeny S. O. (2078F) 3.0 1:0 3.0 Sebastian G. H. (1601F)
Giomar D. G. A. (1960F) 3.0 0.5:0.5 0.0 Reinier M. G. (1975F)
Isaac O. F. L. (0) 2.0 0:1 4.0 Alejandro G. G. (2328F)
Table White player Black player
. Soto Hernandez H. 1:0 Ruiz Dominguez G.
. Vega Chirino L. 1:0 Gomez Almeida F.
. Gonzalez Ramos E. 1:0 Gonzalez Acosta L.
. Olano Rosabal L. 1:0 Saavedra Gonzalez H.
. Garcia Benitez O. 1:0 Pla Hernandez A.
. Leyva Lozada M. 0:1 Quesada Chow I.
. Sanchez Ones Y. 1:0 Gil Hernandez S.
. Diaz Gonzalez A. 0.5:0.5 Martinez Garcia R.
. Olano Feria L. 0:1 Garcia Garcia A.

II Arturo Martinez in memoriam

Starting list


Name Club Category Rating
Soto Hernandez Henry 2466F
Garcia Garcia Alejandro 2328F
Vega Chirino Lemay 2298F
Quesada Chow Ismael Adan 2246F
Gonzalez Ramos Eduardo 2188F
Sanchez Ones Yeny 2078F
Olano Rosabal Leonal 2028F
Leyva Lozada Marcos Antonio 2014F
Gonzalez Acosta Leonardo 1995F
Saavedra Gonzalez Hector 1987F
Martinez Garcia Reinier 1975F
Diaz Gonzalez Antonio Giomar 1960F
Garcia Benitez Omar 1956F
Ruiz Dominguez Genrry 1902F
Gomez Almeida Frank Luis 1880F
Pla Hernandez Aniel 1744F
Gil Hernandez Sebastian 1601F
Olano Feria Leonal Isaac 0

II Arturo Martinez in memoriam


II Arturo Martinez in memoriam

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II Arturo Martinez in memoriam


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